Snoop Dogg collaborated with Nickelodeon on “SpongeBob” movie soundtrack

Hip hop star Snoop Dogg and South Korean boy band Monsta X joined their forces for a soundtrack (titled “How We Do”) of the SpongeBob Squarepants animated movie, Sponge On The Run.

Read Snoop’s few lines below:

“You better leave now, are you lost, dawg? The Zombie King, yeah, I hear him coming, OG ghoul with a thirst for the run-in,” – he raps.

Recently, Snoop was playing a bit of Madden football on Twitch. He allegedly became frustrated at one touchdown in particular made by the opposing team, letting rip a string of swear words before storming out of the room. Snoop forgot to turn off his stream, which then ran for more than seven hours.

“Look at this s***. F***, I came in this room and everything went bad” – Snoop yelled.

Stream “How We Do” from Snoop and Monsta X below: