Beyonce pays tribute to a fan who passed away from cancer

Last weekend the iconic singer Beyonce shared a medley of her songs Brown Skin Girl, Halo and Love On Top. Bey dedicated this medley to her late 13 year old fan Lyric Chanel who died after a battle from anaplastic ependymoma, a tumor that forms when cells in the central nervous system begin to multiply rapidly. In children, the tumor often occurs in the brain.

While singing “Love On Top” Beyonce switched up her lyrics from “baby it’s you” to “Lyric it’s You“. Tribute videoΒ  include montage of Lyric dancing , Beyonce concluded the video with “I Love You with all of my heart”. Lyric Chanel’s familycatchy profile headline for dating site “beyonce thank you so much. I’m so grateful that Lyric was able to hear you sing to her before she left this world”. Watch the tribute medley below: