Watch : Zacari remixes SZA’s song “Good Days”

SZA’s “Good Days” has been a favorite since it’s release in December and is among top streamed songs of the year so far. Today SZA’s Top Dawg Ent. labelmate and singer Zacari has decided to kick off new era of his with giving his own take to “Good Days”.Β  Zacari titled the remix “Good Nights” and called it as “my own version” and shared a music video for the remix too. Watch below:

Recently SZA has released a fan video for Good Days” on Youtube which sees fans giving tribute to the song with their own moves, few days ago she also released music video for the song too which has garnered more than 4 million views .On SZA’s own words “,I genuinely lost my mind in quarantine last year, I have nothing else but to believe in good days”