NBA YoungBoy allegedly turned down Lil Baby feature

NBA Youngboy first made J. Cole wait for 8 hours in the studio and did not show up at all then DJ Akademiks told that he turned down a feature from 6ix9ine after the rapper offered Youngboy 1 Million USD.

Now DJ Akademiks reveals NBA YoungBoy turned down Lil Baby feature.

β€œYoungboy told me when Lil Baby hit him up for a feature. I remember he told me, ‘Ak, I’m not doing music right now’. And I remember saying, ‘Youngboy, if you don’t f*cking do a song with Lil Baby, n***a…’ ‘Cause I gave him a whole list, I remember I sat in the car with him, I told him a whole list of n***as who he should do songs with. And I remember him telling me, ‘You know I can’t do a song with him’. He was telling me all type of beefs, I was like, I didn’t know the beef was that deep. I get it. But I’m telling you the facts. This n***a Youngboy, he don’t care about that sh*t. I remember telling him, this is a no f*cking brainer. And he was just like, ‘bro, I don’t care’.”