Snoop Dogg wants to bet Dana White $2 Million Jake Paul VS Ben Askren fight

Few days ago, UFC president Dana White, during the Mike Tyson’s podcast, said he’s willing to bet $1 Million that Ben Askren will destroy Jake Paul.

Now hip hop star Snoop Dogg wants to raise the stakes.

Hey Dana White, I see you got faith in your boy right? Going up against my guy Jake. You say you got a million? You’re the CEO of UFC. You got more than a million. Put up two. Put up $2 million and we’ll match it.” – said Snoop.

Snoop was on commentary when Paul brutally knocked out former NBA guard Nate Robinson. As you know, Paul only has two professional boxing matches under his belt. Askren is a former MMA star but has never had a pro boxing match. He had his first fight in UFC in 2019.

If White does accept the terms of Snoop Dogg’s bet, it will add even more intrigue to the April 17 bout.