Kodak Black claims that Jay-Z took inspiration from him

Jay-Z laid the groundwork for the entrepreneur, a path many others have successfully followed as well, but Kodak Black thinks that the legendary rapper, took inspiration from him , rather than the other way around and he is clearly copying his own style.

“@kodakblack done even inspired jayz,” reads the latest post on Kodak’s Instagram Story.

Kodak meant the fact that Jay-Z is clearly growing his hair out. The rapper showed it off at the Grammy Awards this past weekend.

This is not something new. Before this case, Black has been making similar claims against other artists. One such example is Kodak and Pooh Shiesty. Kodak Black and Pooh were fighting over what some social media.

The Forida rapper claimed that he invented the spreading money flex that many rappers have adopted in recent years.

“I was just listening to my boy Lil Baby’s song, uh, ah, he was on my dog Lil Durk’s song,” Kodak began, showing a 2016 photo of himself spreading money on his arm. “He said, uh, some shit, ‘Postin’ money on the ’Gram, I invented that.’ That’s some crazy shit like that. Stop playing, Lil Baby. This is 2016. Brrrr. I’m outchea, man. You know who the G.O.A.T. is, man, of this lil shit.”