Kodak Black demands $200K from Megan Thee Stallion for using his catchphrase

Florida rap star Kodak Black has something to say earlier this week regarding his catchphrase “Drive The Boat” been used by mainstream rappers without giving him credit. Even though Kodak didn’t said anyone’s name on his Twitter rant but it’s clear that he was taking shots at hits making femcee Megan Thee Stallion on now deleted tweets.

Kodak while throwing at shades asked “You Know What, Ima Pull Up On Jit Wit Bout 200 Bands Or Sumn Since I ran Off Wit Da Man Quote Got Rich Off It & Ain’t Mention Em Nan Time.’ Who Shoulda Said Dat Twitter?”  He also demanded homage  with another sarcastic tweet “Especially Since He Just Getting Outta Prison And Black Lives Matter, So Let Me Pay A Lil Homage To Dude Throw It Back On Em Or Sumn,Or You Know What? Ima Just Let Him Drive My Boat ‍& Call It Even”

Almost an year ago Megan Thee Stallion on TV and claimed she invented the catchphrase “Drive The Boat” , Kodak who was in prison at the time also referred to her claims saying “Baby ain’t have to go out her way to give my credit, but the opportunity came to her. Instead, when they asked that question on TV smh and they be on some Black Lives Matter shit. Y’all don’t even be fa this shit fr.” . 

Check out Kodak’s deleted tweets below :