Listen: G-Eazy drops new “Break From L.A. Freestyle”

G-Eazy  is back with a new music in which he talks about his life experiences and controversies.

Bay Area rapper published “Break From L.A. Freestyle” on Wednesday (March 17), and based on the title alone, you can make informed assumptions about the lyrical content. The rapper laments his past errors, getting swept up in the industry’s vortex, and discusses his own scandals while entangled in the web of fame. Let us know what you think of G-“Break Eazy’s From L.A. Freestyle.”


“She said ‘You’re so dark and mysterious’
She acts likе she listens, but her hеart isn’t hearin’ this
And yeah drugs are cool, but when they start interferin’
It’s a problem, then the only thing that I’m fearin’ is
The way out’s not as obvious as the entrance was
Spaced out, couldn’t tell you where my attention was”

At the start of the month, blackpeople meet and dropped a blazing freestyle. Young Gerald showcased his explosive bars over Cam’ron’s “Down and Out.”