Beloved hip-hop couple Quavo & Saweetie may have split up

Migos rapper Quavo and Saweetie unfollow each other on Instagram and fans are speculating they may have ended their nearly three-year relationship,

We could be seeing signs of discord from one of hip-most hop’s popular couples. Many hip-hop fans consider Quavo and Saweetie to be “relationship goals,” but they may be having problems staying intact because, as mentioned they are no longer following each other on IG.

Saweetie is said to have been the first to hit the ‘unfollow’ button, with the Migos rapper following later. Fans believe the these actions mean they have broken up because, you can tell a lot from someone’s Instagram activity.

Female rapper appeared on Respectfully Justin on the same day that rumors of a breakup began to circulate. Saweetie responded with, “He broke your heart,” when host Justin LaBoy asked what the most “disrespectful” thing a guy had ever done to her. β€œIt’s the final nail in the coffin.” She didn’t mention anyone by name, but the timing of her remark was highly suspicious.