Kodak Black disses Lil Pump for wearing finger nail polish

Lil Pump took to Instagram to share his new look with acrylic nail polish on his fingers.


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Later, Lil Pump says he don’t want anyone to copy his style.


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Kodak Black dissed Lil Pump on his Instagram live.

“Lil Pump yo what’s up Lil Pump? I am mad at you lil brah, don’t be doing that finger nail polish bullsh*t man, leave that for Lil Yatchy man, don’t do that sh*t Lil Pump, when Yatchy do that sh*t he be like I don’t know but when you do that sh*t Lil Pump you be serious, stop that sh*t Lil Pump, Imma block you”

Watch the video below: