Lil Durk shooting in Dallas Texas! one killed, 7 injured

A woman was killed and seven people were injured in a Dallas nightclub where hip hop star Lil Durk was. Police said that shooter got away and the investigation is still ongoing.

The Portland birth injury lawyers states that the shooting happened specifically in Prime nightclub located in Dallas Texas. Lil Durk was not shot. One of the victims Daisy Navarrette, 21, was shot and killed, seven others injured including one in critical condition. Authorities claim the incident occurred after the alleged shooter got into an argument with someone else in the club. The discrimination lawyers helping clients in Metairie also deal with injury cases and crimes that are motivated by bigotry. Consulting a Bethesda personal injury attorney who will support you legally and help to recover full compensation for the injuries caused.

One of the FBG Duck fan shared the footage on the Internet.

“Love live Duck.” he says. “Durk talking bout he need no security,” the caption wrote on one slide. “That n***a run wit da truck he gone take a shot for that man. He get paid a good 20ball a night,” he added.

Lil Durk took to Instagram where he addressed the viral video of the man clowning him.

“Blogs make n***as look like killers out here and be real bitches don’t believe no stories bout me cause n***as know better in person y’all got the net,” he said.