Joey Bada$$ calls out Disney World for refusing entry of his cousin

Joey Badass claims his autistic cousin wasn’t allowed into Disney World because he wasn’t wearing a mask. Joey said he and members of his family planned to celebrate his daughter’s birthday at Disney World, but the incident totally derailed their plans.

After his relative was reportedly denied entry due to COVID-19 safety rules, the Pro Era rapper took to Instagram on Saturday to share his tense interaction with theme park employees. Joey alleged that because his autistic cousin refused to wear a mask, he was denied entry to Disney World. He explained that the child dislikes wearing a protective face mask because it makes him feel like he’s suffocating.

Here’s Luis, Cameron, and Kaitlyn and they just turned away an autistic child at Disney World because he didn’t want to wear his mask,” rapper captioned  on IG post. “The child thinks the mask is suffocating, the child also has no idea why it is even a requirement. Not to mention that, kids under 2, doesn’t have to wear a mask. These guys have completely ruined my family’s trip. We came out here 30+ for my daughters’ bday and they turned my lil cousin away, can’t even enjoy this experience anymore.”


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