Jay-Z threatened Gillie da King for refusing to sign his contract

Rapper Gillie Da King made some revelations on his appearance at The Breakfast Club last week with his ‘The Million Dollaz Worth of Game’ partner Wallo.

In the middle of the conversation Gillie brought up the topic of how he was offered to join Jay-Z’s label Roc- A-Fella records but he ended up making Jay-Z mad at him

Jay wanted the group , there’s seven people in this group man. We got 12 points, we would have to sell a trillion records to make some goddamn money.  So i turned the deal down” explains Gillie . As soon as he says this Wallo kept pushing him to tell Jay-Z’s reaction after his refusal. Wallo then himself revealed “Hov told him i’m gonna make it hard for you”.

Gillie later explains he was young at the time when this interaction with Jay-Z happened he didn’t have any idea 20 years later Jay-Z will be one of the biggest rapper, he also gave shout out to Hov. Watch below