Lil Durk shows off new diamond Grills & tells rappers STOP with fake Grills

Lil Durk has another reason to smile. The 28-years-old hit up Instagram to show off his extravagant custom diamond grill. Durkio previously made his grills back in 2020, which was designed by Johnny Dang himself. It’s still unknown who has done this brand new grills.

Diamonds were cut to fit the Chicago rapper’s individual teeth.

Dang has become known as “the jeweler to the stars,” having created iced-out pieces for everyone from Cardi B and Waka Flocka to Trippie Redd and Quavo.

Few days ago, a woman was killed and seven people were injured in a Dallas nightclub where hip hop star Lil Durk was. Police said that shooter got away and the investigation is still ongoing. Lil Durk was not shot!

Don’t forget to check out Durkio’s new grill below: