Roddy Ricch explains why he’s greatest musician

Roddy Ricch covered the latest issue of Complex Magazine and also participated on theirs’s “GOAT TALK” segment  where the 22 year old rapper was asked to name GOAT (Greatest of all time) album, GOAT TV Show, movie etc during the  end of the conversation Roddy was also asked to name GOAT musician . Without wasting a second Roddy Ricch named himselfand explained

“I relate to my music the most, because it’s mine. Everything that I say on any song I ever made came straight off the top of my head, so it’s all my idea. I can’t relate to nobody else more than I can relate to myself. That’s why, to me, I’m the greatest artist.I know for anybody else it will be different people but for me you feel me? you can’t blame cause it’s my reality”

Roddy further elaborated in he called himself GOAT

You could say I’m the GOAT, but in two years, somebody could take that from me because you could be like, ‘Oh no, someone else is the GOAT now.’ If I give you that power, somebody else could take that away. But can’t nobody take me saying I’m the GOAT away from me, because I’m the GOAT. You can’t take that away from a n***a that said that about himself.”