Machine Gun Kelly & CORPSE’s “DAYWALKER!” debuts on Billboard Hot 100 Chart

Recently, Machine Gun Kelly and CORPSE have shared new visuals following the release of their new collab DAYWALKER, which has already earned a pot on the Billboard Hot 100.

The collaboration grabs #88 on the chart dated March 27, 2021. “DAYWALKER!” is the twelfth Machine Gun Kelly song to make the all-genre chart.

MGK continues to push the boundaries of his music to new levels. Recently, he spoke about his future plans:

“Break the mould of everything I just did… and piss people off all over again!,” Kelly started, “Even when I say, ​‘Break the mould and piss people off all over again,’ I just mean make them think again; make them have a moment of, ​‘This artist is so polarising [that] I have to tune in.’ Because I don’t want to be bored with an artist, and I think Kanye [West]’s a great example of that: we all have moments of sitting at dinner tables talking about Kanye and being like, ​‘I didn’t like this!’ or, ​‘I loved this!’ or, ​‘Why is he doing that?!’ But I’ll tell you what, man. We’re still talking about him and we know that there’s greatness in there behind it.”

Watch DAYWALKER! below: