Kodak Black has recorded over 160 songs after his release from prison

Kodak has been busy lately since former president of the United States, Donald Trump commuted his prison sentence.

Only 2 months after being released from prison the Florida rapper’s engineer, Derek “Dyryk” Garcia, reveals that Kodak has been putting in work and already recorded 167 songs.

Recently, Dyryk went to his Instagram page to tell Kodak’s fans that the rapper has completed 167 songs in the two months.

“167 records in two months,” wrote Dyryk. “These other rappers nervous.”

Black recently dropped a new song titled “Drive the Boat.” Kodak claimed that the Grammy-winning rapper Megan Thee Stallion made a whole career off his catchphase without giving him credit. Kodak thinks he was the first person, who invented the “drive the boat” tagline. So, he raps about Megan Thee Stallion.

Read his few lines below:

“Everything I say turn to a quote /
Boy, go ask Meg Thee Stallion,
I ask her let me drive the boat /
They thought I was Lil Yachty.” – he raps.

We all are waiting for his numerous unreleased songs!