Benny The Butcher reveals Jay-Z invited him for a collaboration

Benny The Butcher claims to have jumped on a plane because of possible collaboration with Jay-Z

The rapper stopped by Bootleg Kev’s podcast and talked about the possibility of potential collaborations with Jay-Z. He says that a verse from Jay z is very rare and not something that everyone can enjoy, hots described their collaboration as “inevitable.” “I asked him, though,” Benny says, “but that’s nothing you can really ask for, though.” He clarified that he has access to Jay-Z on a regular basis and that there’s always information to be gained. “That deal at the NFL, I knew that before it happened. I was in the Roc Nation building. Someone said, ‘Watch what happens on Thursday.’ And then that Square shit happened,”

“His door is open, you know what I’m sayin’? So, it’s a lot to be gained. I don’t want him to be feeling that… that type, ‘I just want the song’ ’cause it ain’t like that,” Buffalo rapper continued, “What did he say? What did Hov tell me? I think he was going out of town, One time I flew out here. He had an idea of a song that he wanted to do with me and I flew out here to do a song with him but he was movin’ around and doin’ shit, you know what I’m sayin’? That’s the fuckin’ president times 10.”

Benny described that he ended up missing Hov and never learned what the song’s idea was, but he expressed gratitude that legendary rapper thought of him for a track, while also giving his idea about what would their song look like. “If Hov get on a song with me, he gon’ give you an aesthetic of what he feel like the people want to hear on some street shit, I believe,”

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