Bobby Shmurda not allowed to drink, night party until 2026

According to Bobby Shmurda’s special parole conditions , the Brooklyn rapper isn’t allowed to drink, hang out at bars or with gangs. Bobby was released last February  from New York’s Clinton Correctional Facility, which was 10 months before expected.

Shmurda is under parole supervision until February,2026 till then the “Hot N*gga” fame has to follow 8 P.M. curfew rule too. According to docs, obtained by TMZ, he also has to submit to substance abuse testing and get counseling for aggression and anger. Last month when Bobby was offered a drink in club he straight forwardly refused later he explained on Instagram story that he’s still on parole.

After being released from prison last month Shmurda revealed what kept his spirits upMy spirit’s always gon’ be up. I used to sleep next to people who had 40 to life. People who’ve been in there for 30 years and haven’t laughed—I’d have them crying all day. When you got good energy, no matter where you at, you can bring a smile to someone’s face”