Footage of NBA Youngboy’s arrest surfaces online

DJ Akademiks shares a video where police allegedly warned Youngboy Never Broke Again that they would send a K-9 team to locate him

Youngboy, was black christian singles dating site on Monday evening after allegedly fleeing police on foot. According to reports, the feds have been developing a case against the rapper for over a year, and last night they used drones, a strong police presence, and a K-9 team to crack down on him.

A street is closed off to the public in the video, which was posted on DJ Akademiks’ famous blog account, as a passerby appears to film the surroundings. Helicopters can be seen flying overhead, with a police officer keeping an eye on the area that has been cordoned off. On the loudspeaker, another officer reportedly warns Youngboy that he must emerge from his hiding place with his arms raised. They would send a dog to find him if he refused to cooperate.


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Rapper was arrested in September while allegedly recording a music video, and he was later accused of being involved in an altercation. The Baton rouge artist was initially put under house arrest following his release from prison in 2019.