Jay-Z told Questlove why nobody will work with Black Thought

The Roots drummer Questlove recently joined Talib Kweli’s podcast “The People’s Party” where he explained why his group member and now known as one of the elite emcees, Black Thought was blackballed as a solo artist and “he was too good for his own good”

“That rule in The 48 Laws Of Power where you’re not supposed to outshine the teacher, I definitely know there’s some of that going on as well,” exclaimed The Roots member about his partner Black Thought.

Quest also revealed he hit up then Def Jam boss Jay-Z  (The Roots were signed to the label) regarding helping Black Thought to get more guest features.

I was kind of asking to Jay, can’t you use your influence to get him on more features? And he was just like .. the logic of that thinking is, people will want to co-sign something new. He tells me, the problem with Thought is it’s one thing where a super-established artist pulls a move. He was sort of suggesting the ‘Renegade’ situation. That Nas line ‘Eminem murdered you on your own sh*t.’ That did a lot to establish emcees at the time

Jay told me in no certain terms that no rapper can afford to look bad in front of him, so it’s almost why we gotta blackball him” tells QuestLove.