MoneyBagg Yo previews his new song featuring Future

Few days ago, hip hop star Moneybagg Yo revealed that his “Album 100 Percent Done.” Unfortunately, the rapper doesn’t provide an actual date that it will come, however, he lets fans know that it will be in 2021. And we have yet to get a proper title for the project.

MoneyBagg took to Instagram to preview one of the album’s unreleased track, a collaboration with Future.

“You f**kin with a gangsta this time, less than fifteen thousand in her Birkin then she ain’t mine,
Go apeshit bout you, primate, a drinker not a smoker but for me you hit that pound cake,” – MoneyBagg Yo raps.

it’s still unknown if Future will be contributing a verse.keep an eye out for further news on Moneybagg Yo’s upcoming studio album.