NF drops new “Clouds” mixtape along with music video for “STORY”

After the release of his No. 1 album, The Search, the  Clouds mixtape is NF’s first compilation of songs.

NF has been silent musically for a while, but he recently revealed that he was releasing new project, which made his fans very happy. He spoke  with Zane Lowe  and explained details of the pack on Apple Music.

“So last year we went through… I kept going back and forth. It was just really confusing on is this a record I’m working on? Am I working on an EP? Am I working on something more like a mixtape? Is it longer than the EP? Is it weird? You know what I mean?” he said, “And so it wasn’t until later in the year last year where I was like, “All right, well, this doesn’t seem to be going away.” I’m like, “I don’t want to release a full length right now,” so that’s why I ended up… It was weird. It was, I never had to… I always am very strategic and I’m still being strategic on this project..,” he continued.

Today, on Friday, March 26 he  just released his fresh new Clouds mixtape, which contains 10-track and also features two collaborations with Hopsin and Tech N9ne.

Listen to the NF’s new music below:

Click the play button to watch music video for “STORY”