Big Sean shows love to Lil Nas X for his new “MONTERO” Visual

Detroit rapper responded to Lil Nas X’s question about what everyone’s favorite part of his latest music video was.

Lil Nas X has revealed that his new album, MONTERO, will be released this summer. The “Old Town Road” craze helped propel the young artist to fame, and he soon began to feel the stresses that come with celebrity. He took a break from the spotlight to regroup, and on Friday, he released his single “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name),” which he said he had been working on for nine months. Lil Nas X loves the single, but the music video has sparked controversy.

Lil Nas X wears numerous outfits as he takes on different various roles in the hookup trans, including a devil who is given a limber lapdance by another character he plays. Rapper has faced diviseve reactions, much as he did when he came out as gay, but one person who has shown his support is Detroit icon Big Sean.

“The creativity n confidence to do you fully is my favorite part! Keep rockin bro,” the Sean commented.

“Wow bro thanks!” he replied. “Means a lot coming from you! i’m blasting deep reverence today!” – responded Nas X