Future continues to tease “HNDRXX 2”

on February 24, 2017, hip hop star Future released his sixth studio album “HNDRXX.” Hndrxx was supported by four singles: “Pie”, “Selfish”, “Incredible”, and “You da Baddest”. The album received positive critical reviews and charted at number one, making Future the first artist to release two Billboard 200 chart topping albums in consecutive weeks.

It seems like the sequel to Future’s 2016 “HNDRXX” could arrive next year.

Recently, Cash from XO shared a screenshot of “My Collection” on his Instagram Story.

“That’s how u feel,” Future wrote in a re-post.

“U think the fans ready for HNDRXX 2 or wait til next year?” Future wrote.

Cash wrote back in response, “2022 is for HNDRXX 2.”

it seems that Cash feels like the album is better for the 2022, instead of right now.