Nas sends a letter to his daughter in a new Hennessy commercial

French cognac distiller Hennessy continues its partnership with legendary Nas. Their latest campaign,  which is titled “Dear Destiny,” is a two-minute commercial that features the Grammy award winning lyricist writing a letter to his daughter — who is also named Destiny. The ad debuted on BET during the 52nd annual NAACP Image Awards.

Nas narrates the ad smoothly as he discusses the idea of Black excellence in the note to his daughter:  “Dear Destiny, standing still scared to death, holding you in my hands, I knew. I wanted you to see something I never saw; feel something our family had never grasped: Black excellence. Something like the Greenwood District in Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1921, 40 acres and 35 blocks of Black folks running the town. Lawyers, doctors, businesses, all black owned. Imagine that. The vision of Black Wall Street was intentional and so was its downfall. Why, Destiny?”

Nas continues: “Autonomous Black folks living this good. They took the city by force. And burned it straight to the ground. A hundred years later, a hundred years strong. Destiny, you knew a spirit that powerful could never be held down. Black excellence lives on and those spirits, they never stop, they never settle. Black women building, Black men thriving. Destiny, believe in Black creativity, Black wealth, our potential, our people. Wherever Black folks dream, the spirit of Greenwood is there. So find them, build with them, dream with them, be your own Black Wall Street however and wherever you imagine.”

Watch it below: