Clever responds to Yelawolf’s diss, calls him “corny”

Fresh off releasing his debut album “Crazy” with features from Post Malone, Juice Wrld, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown and Lil Baby, Alabama rapper Clever linked up with Genius for an interview where the 35 year old was asked about his hometown emcee Yelawolf dissing him on his 2019 freestyle while giving shout out to his Slumerican labelmate DJ Klever ,Yela rapped.

“there’s only one Klever// As for the other white boy from Gadsden, psh, whatever//You’re welcome, now take that petty diss and run with it”

Clever on his interview remarked “Fuck Yelawolf first off” and then went on to say “I’m a battle rapper, and lyrically, I feel like I could eat alphabet soup and sh-t better lyrics than Yelawolf. So I feel like to out-rap him on a song would be like slapping your sister and feeling like a tough guy. I just don’t see no point in it. I think that you can throw rocks at the moon, but they don’t reach. I’m a little above him at this point. He’s a little irrelevant and I’m not going to do anything to try to bring him back to the light. So talk all you want.”

Clever also gave his views on Yelawolf dissing other rappers (Post Malone, MGK, G-Eazy) on same freestyle .

“It was all white rappers. I think for a white rapper to come out and make a battle record about all the white rappers in the game, it’s just so very corny. Get a life, dude. But I don’t want to give him any more shine than that”

Revisit Bloody Sunday Freestyle below: