India Royale defends Lil Durk against allegations

Lil Durk and Instagram model India Royale began dating in 2017 and are still together. The pair have been on-and-off again relationship, with them occasionally breaking up and getting back together. The “Backdoor” rapper and Royale welcomed their first child together in October 2018. They have a daughter named Willow together.

Durkio’s family is the most important to him. “Who needs kids when you got 7 kids.” – wrote the Chicago rapper on his social media page on March 18.

Rap industry is plagued with news of infidelities and romances-turned-sour. “Durk be working his ass off,” India tweeted recently.

“baby momma syndrome” – responded some user.

“Y’all are obsessed with us.” – India clapped back. And added later – “It be the men hating. They be wanting to f*ck the rappers. No cap, when I go concerts n*ggas be about to beat the b*tches asses tryna get next to the rappers.”

“Y’all say India and Durk relationship goals but this n***a had a baby on her and don’t be there fir the other kid” – commented later another user.

“Girl, no tf he didn’t. And yes tf he do,” India replied