Migos tease new “Culture 3” banger with fire snippet

The anticipation for Migos’ highly awaited third album, Culture III, continues to grow. Quavo piqued fans’ attention on Tuesday (March 30) by posting a preview of an unreleased song that would probably feature on the record.

The fact that Migos will finally release their latest album Culture 3 has long been established, but we have yet to hear anything definitive about a release date. Despite this, the band has been vocally working in “album mode,” upping the tempo and promising a few new samples from the upcoming album. Now, Quavo has posted yet another exciting preview, suggesting the imminent release of their climactic Culture portion.

Quavo, posted clip on different social media platforms, which seems to be an upcoming music video. “In this game sit back be patient, “N***as act like the game went vacant, n***as act like sumthin been taken / ain’t nothin but a little bit of straightenin’ / been kicking shit popping out daily.