Polo G channels 2pac in new photo says he the new pac rebirthed

Polo G is one of hiphop’s brightest stars. The Chicago rapper was the latest artist to compare himself to the late icon Tupac.

On Monday, he took to Instagram to share a picture of himself wearing a bandana tied the same way 2Pac used to do.


“They say I’m ‘Pac rebirthed. Never put out a weak verse,” he titled a picture. “Homicides when we lurk imma step til my feet hurt #HALLOFFAME.”

This is not the first time Polo G compared himself to Pac. Last year, he sampled 2Pac’s “Changes” for his track, “Wishing for a Hero.”

We have already seen NLE Choppa pay homage to Tupac Shakur by recreating one of his photoshoots. Choppa was dressed like 2Pac in his music video for “Picture Me Grapin.”