Young M.A drops new freestyle over viral “Beatbox” beat

After Mulatto, Shennseea and DaBaby, Young M.A is the latest rapper to tackle SpottemGottem’s “Beatbox” beat, a viral Junebug Challenge which got SpottemGottem onto the Billboard Hot 100 because of its popularity on TikTok.

“Beatbox” freestyle is the follow up of “Ooouuuvie (Whoopty Freestyle)” for the New York rapper and she definitely does notΒ disappoint.

Some of the quotable lyrics from the freestyle includes: “My oppositions want to take me out / Man, I am f**ked up in the head / And they gon’ make me bring my brazy out / F**k what you thought, ain’t s**t to think about / A 20 pack’ll get ’em wacked / Tell my hitta, f**k it, lay ’em out.”

Watch it below: