King Von speaks on revenge in the streets and how it never ends

Last year,On November 6, a Chicago rapper King Von was shot and killed. A fight in the parking lot of the Monaco Hookah Lounge
sparked a shootout between two groups. One other person was killed during the incident. The late rapper was 26.

King Von’s death shook the hip-hop community. Let’s recall the late rapper’s last Interview. He speaks on revenge in the streets and how it never ends.

“Somebody Kill somebody,” Von starts, “Everybody got family. Somebody related to him, or somebody cool with him, you kill him, now everybody that he was close with, is trying to kill you. It’s never ending. Or they gon’ kill – let’s go kill somebody close to him. You see what I’m sayin-, it don’t stop! until everybody all the people that’ playin the game is gone. It’s the last man standing.It’s either, you gon’ be in jail, you gon’ die, or you getting lucky around this b****.”

Watch his last interview below:

We will never forget what King Von said about revenge in these streets.