New Song: Benny The Butcher & Ransom – “Spineless”

After dropping The Plugs I Met 2 album, Griselda’s finest Benny The Butcher is back with Ransom for a new single, titled “Spineless.” Reportedly the song will be included on the forthcoming album Trust The Sopranos, a mash-up of .38 Spesh’s Trust Gang Family and Benny’s Black Soprano Family.

β€œBenny and I have been partners in rhyme for years, so it only made sense to align our respective brands and bring our talented rosters together for a monumental compilation album,” said Spesh.

Some of the quotable lyrics from the song includes:Β They don’t gotta give us our credit, we proud of ourselves / My daughters won’t grow up like me, / we fathered ourselves / This the type of sh*t that I’m really on / Forgive me for fallin’ out with friends I got too busy for / Made me take the Rollie off, put the Richard Millie on.”

Bump the song below: