NBA YoungBoy will remain in jail until trial

NBA YoungBoy had bit of a trouble with law as of late and now his bail is revoked.

Kentrell Gaulden, a 21-year-old Baton Rouge resident, in Los Angeles at the end of last month on an outstanding federal warrant arising from a previous arrest in his hometown in September 2020. Previously California judge had issued the rapper a $540,000 bail, with the caveat that the release would first be approved by a Louisiana judge. Court ordered that rapper will stay in custody. However, if people want services providing the best bail bonds, they can get in touch with experts from

According to Louisiana court bond was denied because of rapper’s criminal history, the judge stated, “no condition or combination of conditions will reasonably assure the safety of the community if the defendant is allowed bond before trial.” Statement continues “Defendant’s criminal history includes violent crimes, and the crime for which Defendant has been indicted involved possession of a firearm. Defendant attempted to flee during his arrest, which is indicative of a lack of respect for law enforcement and the law. Defendant also has a history of drug use.”

Before a bond was revoked ,Β  judge in California issued the hitman bond, which included $540,000 in cash, $1.5 million in collateral, drug monitoring, an ankle monitor, and other requirements.