SNL makes Lil Nas X parody skit, Lil Nas X responds – Watch

On April 3, on the latest episode of Saturday Night Live, Lil Nas X’s controversial “Montero (Call My by Your Name)” video got the parody treatment. In the SNL clip, features an abundance of satanic imagery as well as a scene that shows X twerking on Satan before taking the Devil’s life.

The Georgia rapper, played by comedian Chris Redd, appears on a show hosted by a fake Brittany Spears. “Lil Nas X” was asked why people are really upset.

“Because they are close-minded idiots,” Chris Redd started. “People are afraid of me because I’m different. But really, I’m just your typical gay, rap, country, Black, sneaker entrepreneur. I put my pants on like everyone else, one assless chap at a time.” “You know that wasn’t the real Satan, right?” he noted. “It was a dude in a Halloween Devil costume, because the real Satan doesn’t do, like, music videos. So, maybe chill.”

Shortly after SNL made that parody, Lil Nas X went to his Twitter account to speak out.

“snl going to hell,” – he posted.