Quando Rondo disses King Von during his Live performance

back in November of 2020, King Von was killed after a reported altercation with Quando Rondo’s entourage in a nightclub parking lot in Atlanta. Quando has been moving freely, he is not currently under investigation.

Shortly after the incident, Rondo dropped a single titled, “End of Story” where he addressed that night King Von lost his life.

See, nowadays, it’s like the fans doing the police job. Y’all talk that gangsta sh*t but cry when a nigga get knocked You ’posed to walk it how you talk it,” – he raps.

Late rapper’s manager Track said that he was not interested in seeing murder suspect Lul Tim ( AKA Lul Tim) go to prison, who wound up being arrested for the murder.

Few days ago, Quando Rondo confirmed that Lul Tim, an accused killer of King Von, would be out of prison soon and shortly after the footage of Lul Tim walking out of the store was released on the Internet.

Recently, Rondo dissed late King von during his virtual Live performance.

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