WATCH: Drake gets harassed by a comedian at a bar and he doesn’t appreciates it

In comedian TravQue’s new TikTok video, Drizzy makes a surprise appearance. When TravQue arrives at the shop, he wants to charge Drake for 2000 cases of Virginia Black, 40 cases of Bumbu, and three cases of tequila.

The Instagram comedian is known for approaching artists and mocking them by impersonating a rising rapper. When it’s time to “spit some lines,” though, he starts reciting lyrics from whatever artist he’s messing with. Although Drake doesn’t appear to be having a good time in the video, it all appears to be in good fun. TravQue is a comedian, writer, and social media influencer best known for his viral sketch videos.

You know who this is, right?” TravQue asks the bartender. “This is Drake! This is Toronto himself, the 6 God.”

Drake was not amused . “Relax bro,” says Drizzy while pushing him away. “The f**k?”, but he continued , “What’s Next.” “Let’s see what’s ’bout to happen next…OK, OK, OK, Put it on his tab, he said he got it.”


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