“Buss It” hitmaker Erica Banks reveals almost signing with DaBaby

Buss It hitmaker Erica Banks has rvealed Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment’s CEO DaBaby himself offered him to join the roster which he apparently refused.

Banks reveals it was just second offer she got after “Buss It” went viral on Tik-Tok

I personally did not sign with DaBaby because I was very excited, it was my second offer, I was like, ‘Hell yeah.’ I was about to get all the planning done

she then revealed why she didn’t accepted DaBaby’s offer.

But then I called my mom, like ‘This is what I’m about to do, I’m about to go sign with DaBaby.’ She’s like, ‘Oh no, we need to slow down. This is only the second offer. We’re not gonna just jump on whatever.”

Erica Banks then went on to sign with 1501 Ent. who also has Megan Thee Stallion , Banks recently enjoyed a major collaboration as the rapper Travis Scott remixed her song “Buss It”. Despite not being signed with DaBaby, Erica still gives shoutout to him “We love DaBaby. Appreciate him. At the same time, he’s an artist just like me. So I just had to think about that too.”.

Watch the interview clip below: