Charlamagne Tha God predicts Kendrick Lamar and Drake beef is “inevitable”

Charlamagne Tha God was a guest in latest episode of Complex Bracket hosted by B. Dot Miller where both hip-hop journalists discussed and picked all time greatest diss records. In between the conversation, question of next big diss record was raised ,responding to it Charlamagne Tha God predicted two of the biggest artists of past decade Kendrick Lamar and Drake to have Hip-Hop’s next big clash.

I think Kendrick and Drake will have to clash in some point “predicted Charlamagne “Over the past ten years Drake has been definitely been active more than Kendrick ,to me Kendrick is best artist of past ten years. I’m not saying they have to clash but it’s seem like it’s inevitable . When have the two best in the game not at some point? We have saw with Nas and Jay….Kendrick and Drake gon have to address each other in some way

Both Drake and Kendrick have been pitted against each other by fans and media throughout last ten years even though both artists have shown respect to each other in many occasions. But the competitive spirit in Hip-Hop fans wants to watch the two juggernauts to go against each other. Let us know in replies and comments what do you think about Charlamagne’s prediction.

Watch below ( skip to 22 minutes)