Lil Nas X reacts to Sada Baby’s death wish upon him in support of DMX

Detroit rapper Sada Baby insensitively wished death upon Lil Nas X in support of DMX who is critical condition fighting for his life.

Sada Baby in a deleted Instagram story wrote, which has since been deleted, the Detroit rhymer wrote, “Lord we said Nas X, not DMX,” including a face palm emoji.

Many fans accused Sada Baby of being homophobic for wishing death on Lil Nas X.

“this is so f*cked up omg,” Lil Nas X wrote in response. “everyone stream the number 1 smash hit Montero (Call Me By Your Name) out now on all platforms!”, Lil Nas X commented under XXL’s tweet.

Earlier this week, TMZ has reported that legendary emcee DMX has suffered an overdose last night and is admitted to hospital under “grave condition. TMZ has also learned that doctor tells the 50 year old rapper might not make it.

TMZ sources claims the overdose triggered a heart attack Friday Night at 11 PM. DMX has a history of substance abuse , New York’s iconic rapper’s last rehab stint came back in 2019.

According to latest update DMX is still on life support.