Lil Pump wants to date Lady Gaga

Lil Pump reveals his desire to date popstar Lady Gaga.

The Gucci Gang rapper took to his Instagram story to tell the world that he wants to date “Born This Way” singer.

“Lady Gaga let me take on a date, c’mon let’s go.” said Lil Pump.

He added, “Lady Gaga how about you me, go to saloon, chill out little bit maybe have some twins you know”.

Nowadays Pump trends more for his antics than his music. MAGA supporter Pump recently took to Instagram and boldly claimed he’s the new age Michael Jackson, he dissed Eminem and received lot of backlash for it.

Pump also got banned from flying JetBlue airways after refusing to wear a mask. Airline’s stated that he will not be able to fly with them anymore. Rapper also posted anti-mask, COVID-denying video online.

Watch the video below: