Westside Gunn joins Peter Rosenberg for new single “Stain”

It’s only fitting that Peter Rosenberg and Westside Gunn, collaborate on their new song, “Stain.”

Westside Gunn’s Griselda Records, a Buffalo-bred phenomenon that has almost single-handedly restored golden-era lyricism to the mainstream, has established greatness in this modern era. With his new album Sincerely Adolf on the way, Gunn has teamed up with Peter Rosenberg, who is currently working on his own A&R’d compilation album, “Real Late.”

Rosenberg embodies Mean Gene Okerlund in the track that was released on Friday. If Gunn cuts an intricate promo, “Mean” holds the mic. Gunn purposefully stumbles through the chorus, creating several false finishes before delivering the flashy, braggadocio raps that fans crave.

“Shot it 22 times but I hit four niggas/Figure Four, figueroas on my neck/Figueroa, pitch the yola/Pistol in his throat, caught him game over,” Gunn raps. “Listen here, I’m the flyest nigga ever/Where’s the motive? … Fiend never dropped the pipe when he’s having seizures/Shoulda been there and seen it.”


Some lyrics:

“The baddest bitch I ever fucked, I forgot her name
Shoot your block solo, it’s not a game
I’m talkin’ blood everywhere, all type of brains
I’m sayin’ stain on stain on top of stain”

“This album is all about mixing sounds from classic hip hop with the cats who are killing the game today,” the radio personality talked about his upcoming project. “Stain” came together. “So it’s only right that I dropped a tune with Gunn who has been making art and running things for the last few years. So grateful that he laced me the way he did too. Wow.”