Funk Flex on Cardi B : “She’s a terrible rapper but good entertainer”

New York’s legendary DJ Funk Flex had some harsh comments regarding  Cardi B recently. Flex sat down with Naji Chill for the later’s podcast “Cigar Talk” where made the comments regarding Brooklyn’s hitmaker.

Funk Flex clears his opinion about Cardi by saying ” I do think Cardi B is a terrible rapper my n*gga, i just do man. She’s an amazing entertainer, I love her on social media, I love the way she talks about a subject, I like her whole swag, I like everything. She’s a terrible rapper, man. I don’t know.”

Host then adds that her bars are aight but asks if he’s saying somebody else wrote it , to which Funk Flex responds “Even if somebody wrote them , those aren’t good bars. So somebody sold you bad bars. Is nobody gonna fucking say it?” finished Funk Flex with having a hysterical laugh.

Watch a clip from Funk Flex’s interview on Cigar Talk plus full interview below:



It’s not the first occasion when Funk Flex criticized Cardi, back in 2018 he alleged that Cardi B isn’t writing her songs “Cardi’s consistently getting somebody else to write her shit. I can’t stand rappers who don’t write they shit