Megan Thee Stallion tells City Girls why she relates to their music

Interview Magazine tapped the current superstar Megan Thee Stallion to interview Quality Control signed duo City Girls which consists of rappers JT and Yung Miami.

Megan asked them questions regarding their rise and career, she also told the Miami based group’s music she has similar upbringing to them.

I feel like y’all’s music definitely helps a lot of us. Even myself, when I want to put on some shit that makes me remember, “Let me get to this bag, let me get to this money” said Megan

She also  explains why she like their music “I play City Girls because y’all really make me feel comfortable. Our types of struggles are different from a lot of struggles that other women go through. This is actually hood shit. That’s why I relate to y’all so much, because we had similar upbringings

City Girls and Megan Thee Stallion linked up few months ago on the track “Do It On The Tip” which appeared on Megan’s debut album “Good News”