Sauce Walka taps A$AP Rocky On a new track “ASAP Sauce”

This week, Sauce Walka has been releasing project after project. The rapper released four projects in a matter of days, including God Of Texas. God Of Texas included a widely awaited partnership with Harlem’s own A$AP Rocky, despite the fact that he retained the majority of features on all four projects within his inner circle. As you’d expect from Rocky, the duo offer an eerie yet luxurious banger in which they outline their fashion fetishes.

Rocky’s admiration for Houston culture is well-documented, so the partnership should come as no surprise. The two were previously seen filming a music video, fueling speculation about a collaboration. Despite the magnitude of Houston’s impact, Sauce Walka praised the city in an interview last year for always giving credit where credit is due.

Click the play button to listen the song:

Some lyrics:

You ain’t even gang, how you got thug ties?
You don’t even bang, how you got blood ties?
Man, fuck it, man, he ain’t up in my bloodline

Check out full mixtape bellow: