Bobby Shmurda denounces a girl who claimed to be in relationship with Bobby on TikTok

A girl named Lilly posted a video on TikTok with Bobby Shmurda and internet started trolling the Brooklyn rapper for his taste in women and some people were amused by her looks.

Bobby Shmurda denies the relationship and says that not him. However the video clearly features Hot Boy rapper.

β€œOn gang, bro! I did not f*ck her, bro. That is not me, bro. That is the homeboy’s joint, bro,” said Bobby.

He adds, “But that sh*t y’all saying tho, yall gotta chill with that sh*t, that social media bashing sh*t.”

“And they bashing her like that’s your girl,” another voice says, “but sh*t, n*ggas don’t even know.”