Bobby Shmurda denies having girlfriend “that is not me”

Bobby Shmurda has been mocked on Twitter for his supposed new boo for the past 24 hours. Fans quickly dubbed Bobby and the unidentified woman, now known simply as Lilly, Hip-newest Hop’s pair after several images and videos featuring the Brooklyn artist and a mystery woman emerged.


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The theory that Bobby Shmurda had found love with Lilly after his release from jail earlier this year appears to be false, as the rapper has quickly debunked any claims that he is dating the gentlemen’s club dancer.

Bobby discusses the situation and denies that he is romantically involved with Lilly in a short video clip posted by DJ Akademiks. Bobby’s facial expressions are obscured by the video’s emphasis on the rapper’s chest and flashy “SHMURDA” chain. The Brooklyn artist’s voice is, however, clearly heard in the video.


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“On gang, bro! I did not f*ck her, bro. That is not me, bro. That is the homeboy’s joint, bro,” Bobby Shmurda immediately states at the beginning of the video. “But that sh*t y’all saying tho, yall gotta chill with that sh*t, that social media bashing sh*t.”