MixedByAli tells what to expect from Kendrick Lamar’s upcoming album

Complex visited TDE’s in-house producer Derek Mixed By Ali’s newly acquired studio formerly it belonged to the iconic Deathrow Records. Complex host sat for an exclusive chat with Ali who provided a quick update on a long awaited album from one and only Kendrick Lamar who’s last album “DAMN.” was released on this very day four years ago.

Ali was asked Kendrick takes so much time between releasing albums, so that he can craft a new sound. So should fans expect a new sound this time around too? Ali agreed with saying “Every album he has dropped since good kid, has came with a different feeling, so i can say that“. Ali also added “Just look forward to Kendrick obviously expressing himself in the most creative way. the most highest of the creative ways“.

Ali then dived into Kendrick’s work process “How he works i’ve never seen it before, you know just the recording process the thought process with piecing the album together, sequencing it.You expect someone like Kendrick is sitting back at home..nah he still comes in on time punctual” .

Watch the full interview below: