Snoop Dogg drops new song ‘Say It Witcha Booty’ ft ProHoeZak

Hip hop icon Snoop Dogg teamed up with producer and rapper ProHoeZak for ‘Say It Witcha Booty.’ A brand new track will be featured on Snoop’s next album “From tha Streets 2 tha Suites.”

2 days ago the California rapper teased his upcoming track on his IG page, shared the cover of ‘Say It Witcha Booty’ track.

“New single and video comin soon 🎥🎙 a lil something for the ladies” -he titled the image.

F**k that soft shit, b***h make it bounce hard
Like you riding on the d**k of a superstar
A** everywhere, b***h got some true skills
F**k around and we gonna do it for real. – Snoop raps.

Listen the official audio for Snoop Dogg’s “Say It Witcha Booty” featuring ProHoeZak below.