Bobby Shmurda advices young rappers, criticizes those that only want beefs

Bobby Shmurda is focused on music after being released from prison and advices young rappers to appreciate the opportunity to have music careers.

In a recent interview on Kitchen Talk podcast with Maino talks about his music career.

“I wanted to really be serious sometimes and let kids know the opportunities they got,” said Hot Boy hitmaker. “Sh*t where we’re coming from ’cause now, all these young rappers are dying. All the sh*t out here right now. N*ggas thinking that sh*t cool, bruh. That sh*t like, who becomesβ€”you come from the street my n*gga.”

“If you really come from the street…can I be for real on this?” asked Bobby.

“I don’t want to call these names, but you know how these n*ggas is,” Bobby added. “The act like all this crazy sh*t but once they get locked up or once anything happen theyβ€”that’s why I tell them, when you get to this Rap life, you better appreciate that sh*t. Especially where we come from.”